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World Class 300

The World Class 300 is a joint business conducted by the Small and Medium Business Administration and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy with the objective of cultivating respected Korean companies that contribute to national economic growth by securing the position of Leading Champion based on unique technologies and marketing power within the global market. Based on its world-recognized probiotics technologies, The Institute of Cell Engineering was designated as a World-Class 300 for the development of drug delivery platforms for intractable bowel disease. We have played a leading role in the creating of close-knit networks, pre-clinical and clinical trials through close collaboration with leading universities, government-funded research centers and university hospitals in both Korea and abroad. Based on our world-recognized Dual Coating Technology, The Institute of Cell Engineering has been developing a drug delivery platform utilizing probiotics with aims of proposing a new paradigm for intractable intestinal diseases.

Next Generation Sequencing

The Institute of Cell Engineering is using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) to identify the correlation between human health and microbiomes (intestinal microorganisms) and focusing on NGS applied probiotics research and development.

In addition, we are analyzing various microbiomes of each individual through next generation sequencing while improving our microbiome analytical abilities to develop customized probiotic products that can be consumed in various health status.

NGS Part
(Next Generation Sequencing)

Whole Genome Sequencing
- Search for whole genomes in each strain
- Utilized in the production of useful substances
Comparative Genomics
- Identification of core & specific genes by strains, customized product development
Gut Microbiome
- Identification and data collection of intestinal microorganisms by various samples
Next Generation Sequencing

PP Genome Section

  • Establishment of Lactic Acid Bacteria Carrier Library and Efficacy Evaluations Development of Bio-active Substance Delivery System Derived from Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Developed a Physiologically Active Substance Carrier Derived from Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Production and Fermentation Optimization of Lactic Acid Bacteria Using Recombinant Technologies

Efficacy Evaluation Section

Identification of New Bioactive Substances Derived from Lactic Acid Bacteria and Human Body
- Identification and validation of protein
Establishment of Database for Efficacy of Lactic Acid Bacteria (in vivo)
- Obtain database on the efficacy of lactic acid bacteria through internally-operated animal laboratory
Efficacy evaluation part

Strain Management Section

  • Detection and Isolation of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Probiotics Lactobacillus Reclamation (Long-term Storage Ampoule Production)
  • Establishment of Optimal Culture Medium Conditions for Isolated Lactic Acid Bacteria
Strain Management Section

Clinical Trial/Analysis Section

Protein Separation/Purification
- Separation, purification, identification and physiology of physiologically active substances derived from lactic acid bacteria, identification of chemical properties and examination of equivalence
Clinical Trials and Management of Products
- Management of CRO, site, and biological sample
- Establishment / amendment of SOP related to clinical trial
Quality Analysis of Products
- Analysis of raw material and product index component content and inspection of product
Stability Tests
- Testing of expiration date for new products and inspection of components such as sugar and organic acid in cultural medium - Improvement of existing method and development of new method
Protein separation,purification

Research Assistance Section

Research Planning/Management
- Planning and management of national research projects
- Establishment and management of research and development expenses execution plan
- Preparation of new research proposal
Patent Management
- Maintaining and managing patent application / registered patent
  • Research Facility Safety Management
  • Research Equipment Management and Inventory Management
  • External Business Support