AboutCEO Message

This is Dr. Myung-jun Chung,
CEO of Cell Biotech Co., Ltd.

A group of microbiology specialists
establishing new standards for probiotics and leading the global market

The Start of Cell Biotech.

Cell Biotech has consistently strived to acquire probiotic technologies of the highest level since taking its first step into the probiotic market in Korea in 1995. Over the past 22 years, Cell Biotech has made numerous technological breakthroughs and innovations together with hundreds of microbiologists to solidify our position today as a specialized probiotics company. Of our numerous technological innovations, our 'Dual Coating' technology is a world-recognized coating method that enables a safe delivery of living probiotic strains to the intestine.

Global No.1 프로바이오틱스 전문기업 전경
Global No. 1 Specialized Probiotic Company
The foundations behind Cell Biotech's growth into a world-class probiotic company with exports to over 40 countries lie within our uniquely developed technologies. In addition, we have commercialized lactic acid bacteria and established "One Stop Solution" covering a whole processes, including strain development, safety and efficacy experiments, fermentation, production, distribution and sales through various specialized channels.
Successful Role Model based on R&D
As a first-generation Korean bio venture company, Cell Biotech firmly believes that R&D is the foremost growth engine of the company as demonstrated by our recruitment of researchers with master or doctorate degrees comprising over 30% of our entire workforce. Designated as one of the "World Class 300" companies in 2015 by Korean government, our Cellular Engineering Laboratory conducts research in diverse areas, including strain DNA analysis and clinical trials. Moreover, Cell Biotech has contributed to improving human intestinal microflora by applying our own strains in collaboration with various domestic and overseas universities and hospitals. The range of utilization of the probiotics sector is becoming more segmented. As a result, the survival of a corporation depends not only on more specialized research and development, but also on possession of R&D manufacturing technologies that cater to various scientific and medical approaches.
R&D 기반의 성공적인 롤모델 연구실 전경

Improving Quality of Life of Mankind

Cell Biotech has strived to improve quality of life of mankind by investing more than 5% of revenue in R&D each year. We will continue striving to develop into a 21st century biotechnology company by building new paradigms within the probiotic industry so that we can improve quality of life of people around the globe.